How to know what makes a good gift


The question of what makes a good gift is quite subjective, although individuals could still find a middle ground for defining what a good gift is. For instance, everybody accepts that guys love gadgets , especially thing like laptops. Women love expensive but useless stuff.


Therefore, to know what kind of a gift someone would like to receive, it is imperative that you view gifts according to their purpose. Gifts can serve as a means of social exchange, economic exchange or a way of communicating a message to the receiver.


The true definition of a good gift


In the social sense, gifts are issued as a symbol of commitment. This kind of a gift would be much appreciated depending on the context in which it is issued. Women generally prefer gifts with symbolic value, unlike men who prefer gifts that have some sort of utility value.


Best gift for guys


If you are a woman, you’d be better off getting your guy an expensive gadget. A gadget would definitely touch his heart compared to any other gift. You see, men prefer to go sentimental and sometimes extravagant. Gadgets are not cheap by the way but here is a good site to find cheaper options on Tablets. Apparently, this category of gift is still considered the most preferred among the male species. Here is also a list of the best laptops on a budget.


Best gift for women


According to Geoffrey Miller a Professor at the University of New Mexico, women love the most useless gifts which also happen to be the most expensive from men’s perspective. Women love pricey dinners, expensive holiday destinations, flowers, jewelry, and so on. In fact, the more wasteful a gift is, the more likely the giver and his gift will be appreciated. Waste is then viewed as the most efficient way to get into a woman’s heart.


The best gift has a message attached to it


If you want to get him or her something personal, you should think of the kind of message you want to communicate. A good gift talks on behalf of the giver. Communication is part of the package.

In the context of dating, gifts can be used to demonstrate certainty about a potential mate. You cannot simply walk into a shop and get a personal gift when you don’t know your recipient’s taste. In fact, the more you’re familiar with their tastes and preferences, the more you’re likely to pick something that will make them happy.

To cut a long story short, a person who understands his potential mate’s choice stands a better chance of being a desirable mate compared to one who doesn’t understand anything.


What if you’re not sure about the kind of gift to buy?


Some gifts might be considered inappropriate if they are used in the wrong context. Thankfully, there is a more universal way to give gifts if you’re not sure what the receiver would want to be gifted.

Money is the answer to this question. Money offers them a means to get whatever they have wanted as a gift. You could give them cash money or a voucher with a specific cash value. That way, they’ll be able to get whatever they want. At the end of the day, that gift should be accepted wholeheartedly.



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Top 5 Gift Ideas For The Women In Your Life!


Sometimes coming up with gift ideas can be a struggle. It’s always a lot of pressure to be sure that you are getting a gift for someone that you know they will love. There’s nothing worse than seeing the disappointment in someone’s face after giving them a gift you were so excited about. But no need to fear! We are here to help you with ensuring that your gift is something that the women in your life will be sure to love! Whether it be for you mother, grandmother, girlfriend, sister or best friend she’ll sure to fall in love with any of these gifts.


Jewelry is always a very special gift to get anyone in your life. A special necklace, bracelet or even a ring is something she’s sure to fall in love with. A simple necklace with a heart or a meaningful symbol is sure to be a winner that she’ll wear daily and think of you every time she puts it on! I personally love the meaning behind these semi colon necklaces.designmainpage

Another safe bet for gifts would be any type of perfumes. Sure you may not know her favorite fragrance of choice, but that’s always a super secret question you could ask. Maybe if you’re out shopping and she mentions preferring floral scents to fruity ones, there’s your ticket! Of course it still might be a challenge to pinpoint the perfect scent for her, but it’s all in the thought that counts!


If she’s a bookworm, get her a book that you think she would love. Being a bookworm myself, I always feel like this is such a simple but really thoughtful gift idea. If she’s mentioned one of her favorite books that she doesn’t happen to already own, get that for her! Or if you know of a favorite author that she has, get her the newest book from that author!bookworm-on-books


Last but certainly not least, get her something really meaningful! Moms especially are sure to love this option. Make her a scrapbook, give her a framed photo or collage, and even just write her a letter! Francescas is a store that actually has a lot of great options for this. They sell books that you can write memories in for whoever you’re giving the gift too! They also have cute trinkets with quotes on them that will also mean a lot to whoever you are gifting them too.


I hope this has helped you in deciding what to get for the special women in your life. Anything that you will get she’s sure to love. Surprisingly, we don’t always want chocolate. (Although sometimes that’s a good option as well!) Happy gift shopping!

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Great Gift Ideas for Kids 2016


Buying presents for kids is one of the great joys in life. Not only do we get to find just the right toy for that little one we get an excuse to play with them as we look!
Here are some great ideas for gifts in 2016:


Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Dollqj-272_1z_1_large

• Barbie’s tail lights up with shimmering light when you dip her into water
• If you want to see her light up without water, just press the button in her necklace
• She comes complete with pink hair, a fancy tiara, and a removable pearl belt
• Suggested for ages 3 and up

Paw Patrol, Lights, and Sounds Air Patroller Plane

• Paw Patrol rescues can be made with the 2 in 1 helicopter/plane mode
• This toy has lights and sounds just activate on the vehicle handle
• Robopup figure included
• For ages 3-6

Leap Frog TVleapfrog-leaptv-educational-active-video-gaming-system_18490

• Designed to use with television
• Microsoft platform supports educational games
• Has a motion sensing camera

Wowee MIP38880i0F50A9199AD3A435

• This robot has emotions and encourages child to play
• Sings and dances
• Very expressive

Let’s Imagine Elmo

• Will interact with your child in 3 different modes
• Encourages child’s imagination
• Teaches songs, counting skills and sound recognition

Hop n Glow

• Balls inside the light hopper up
• Children learn balance
• Comes with a manual pump


Woo-Hue Parachute

• This colorful chute is 8 feet long with 12 handles
• 6-12 children can play at a time
• 15 balls for activities are included

Hurricane Water Balls

• Kids can fill with water and seal to throw
• Can be re-used up to 1000 turns
• For ages 5+


• Change your sneakers into rollerblades
• Removable pads provide hours of sparks
• Fits size Y12 to adult size 12
Minions Electronic Pogo Stick
• Lets children bounce while making sounds
• Safety handle provides secure play
• Ages 6+


Paddle Bubble

• Kids can blow huge bubbles and try to protect them from popping
• Great to challenge individually or play in groups
• Ages 5+

Spider Disc Games

• A Velcro pole is a target for discs
• Points gained on color system
• Very portable to carry everywhere
Yoga Spinner Board Game
• Teamwork and physical activity as children learn basic yoga
• Player spins and tries to hold pose for up to 10 seconds
• Ages 5+


Tangle Nightball Basketballnightball-basketball

• LED is activated by motion
• Allows children to play basketball in the dark
• Unique texture allows child to grip and dribble



• Brainteaser puzzle
• Try to keep metal ball on tray
• Mentally challenging; builds problem-solving


Fairy Triad Dome Terrarium

• Combines fairy tales with flowers
• Four different kinds of flowers
• Comes with “fairy dust,” “fairy bells,” and a “fairy wheel.”

Rainbow Building Blocks

• Sturdy wooden blocks complete with prisms
• Contains many different shapes
• Children will learn matching and patterns

Magnetic Putty

• Infused with ionic material
• Will stretch and bend to reach a magnet
• Magnet included

Animation Kit

• Made up of production and construction materials
• Build posable characters
• Use stop motion camera and software to create movies






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Best Online Gift Stores


Online shopping or electronic retail is a platform that allows consumers to buy goods through a website and from the comfort of their homes or offices. Such an aspect helps to save time, energy and resources as the customers get all information they may require online. Hence, e-tail has become more profitable and popular. With online shopping it’s fun and easier, one can even send gifts from one country to another.


Why shop online?


Information loadGIFT SHOP2


Online shops are designed such that they have additional information of a product. They provide comparative, alternative and increased information diversity of a product. Such details help the consumer to compare the products and arrive at the best decision after exploring the shopping site.




Online stores are always available 24 hours a day. Since many customers have the internet and the information of any product is accessible anytime, the consumer can order the products they want at any time.


Product delivery services


Online shops offer delivery services. The consumer issues out his/her address. Delivery can be done through shipping, drop-shipping or in-store pickup.


Price selection


While shopping online, it’s easy to check prices of the same products from other vendors. There are search engines that help the consumer compare the prices and offered services offered by different platforms. Some sites like Laptop Ninja offer users buying guides with an emphasis on getting the most out of every dollar spent.


Payment methods


For online shoppers, it’s convenient to use papal accounts or credit cards to make payments. However, there are other payment methods that are used depending on different systems.




Physical stores mostly have limited allay of products, unlike online shops. Online shopping allows a consumer to find a lot of goods and services. Also, the consumer can browse through different shops and websites and find varieties of the product. Some of the best online gift shops are:


Given Goods– This platform is filled with gifts and accessories for men and women. Each of the products contains detailed information about the brands, artisan and the origin of the products.


Pink Olive – This e-tail helps discover spotlights to creative entrepreneurs. They have very thoughtful gifts and a subscription geared for paper lovers.


The Grommet – A super cute platform that helps consumers find unique stuff that probably are not on other websites.


Young Republic– They have different and unique designs in the world of jewelry and fashion globally. They have gorgeous products.GoldRingBearerBowl-_PalomasNest


Paloma’s Nest– This platform offers different features of perfectly customized and personalized keepsakes that are different from typical Hallmark offerings.


Mignon kitchen co– It is a well-curated online shop for foods. They have heavenly sweets, cute gifts sets, and a few lovely packing options.


Perpetual kid – They have a variety of kid’s products and gifts. They have favorable prices


Craftfoxes Marketplace – Just a gorgeous marketplace filled with handmade things. They have small gifts such as accessories and jewelry.


Custom made – A destination for everything that is custom made including dining tables. Moreover, you can explain what you want, and they will get a maker for you.




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Top Gift Ideas for Blokes


Gifts for men all range from the season and the interests or likes from the intended recipient of the gift. There are a wide variety of products that can be presented to them as gifts including:

i. Breda watchesc700x420

Japanese made watches
They have numerous varieties and colors
They are made of different materials like:
a) Gold
b) Silver
c) Rose gold
d) Gunmetal

ii. Code Black drone with HD CameraCode-Black-Drone

A powerful, palm-size drone that can capture video footages from above. It has a 10- minutes flight time and:

6-axis flight control system for an extremely stable flight.
4-way flip (left, right, backward, forward)
Beginner and expert flight model
Built-in quality HD camera.

It has the following details and requirements;
Camera: 2.0 MP, HD 720p (1280 X 720), records onto micro SDHC card
Dimensions: (3.25” L x 3.25” W x 1.25”H)
Packaged weight: 1.11 lb.
Color mate black
Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Material: plastic, alloy

4 AAA batteries required.


iii. Wooden cufflinksinspiring-jewelry-wooden-cufflinks1

The good thing about the wood cufflink is that it has different varieties and not forgetting that it can be personalized. They vary in color depending on the tree that the wood was extracted from.
The cufflinks can be engraved with:

Important dates
Images of one’s choice
Popular images

To mention but a few. Cufflinks measure approximately 0.6cm in thickness and 1.5cm in diameter. Remember, wood is a beautiful and a natural product. One can have the advantage of choosing the shape in which the cufflinks would be shaped in as well as the general design.

iv. Samsung Gear VR

Released on 27th November 2015, it is a virtual reality headset by Samsung Electronics, in conjunction with Oculus and manufactured by
It is compatible with:

Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+


a) It can also connect to a smartphone via a micro-USB.
b) This device is calibrated with a wheel at the top of the headset.
c) A trackpad on the right and a back button just above it.
d) Volume can be adjusted through rockers also found on the right.


v. Personalized leather wallet

A good and a Stylish wallet should at least have;
Bi fold lizard print leather wallet
3 credit card slots
Flap coin pocket
2 cash sleevesil_fullxfull.571586289_ttl4
The good thing is that one can choose to personalize or rather imprint the;
initials of the name of the recipient
the dates that are important to the person they intend to present the gift to

the advantage is that leather is a good material in that it is waterproof and therefore the contents are safe from being destroyed by water.
They give the buyer the advantage of choosing from a variety of colors.

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Budget Gifts That are Cool Despite the Price


People look for budget gifts that are cool despite the price because they want to save while splurging gifts on their loved ones. Under no circumstance should you over-extend yourself financially, especially when gifting your parents, siblings, spouse, or friend during a holiday.


The trick is very simple; you should look for gifts that seem to have a high perceived value yet modestly priced. That way, you will keep people happy while saving your wallet from the disaster of an extravagant holiday.


Let’s sample a few gift ideas which aren’t expensive but classy


1 Anything that sparkles is good yet cheap26dia1


Diamond is girls’ best friend when it comes to gifts. Buying jewelry that is entrusted with sparkles of diamond and other minerals will work fine. Also, these minerals don’t have to be natural since man-made gemstones do the trick really well.


2 Designer items at half the pricea6ff1b465bac8cfb7ccd3076db74ff52


Buying clothes as a gift is a tricky affair. However, this does not mean that the person receiving the gift won’t be mesmerized when they open the box and find a designer brand cardigan.


If you choose to take this route, avoid high fashion stores during seasons like Christmas. Instead, go to name-brand stores that dispose items when the season’s temperature has cooled down a little bit. Chances are that you will save up to 70% off the price.


You could also target outlet-only goods which look just fine even though they are lesser quality. In most cases, a giftee will never know your dirty shopping secrets.


3 Shop for rich scents at less the pricewoman-shopping-christmas-perfumes-final_article_new


Expensive fragrances smell money. They may prove to go beyond your reach, financially. And in this case, you’d need to routinely keep an eye on e-commerce stores that give huge discounts on these products.
Also, big retailers occasionally sell discounted products, so inquire with them to find out more. You’ll have to decide whether you want Armani, Fendi, Prada, CK, you name


4 Obtain a bottle of winewine-bottle-sizes-4


Most people enjoy good wine. However, that does not mean that everyone is a true oenophile of this liquor. In other words, not everyone can taste and distinguish between an $8 bottle of wine and that which is worth $200.


And this is a golden chance to play on your giftee’s ignorance in order to save cash and still look cool. The assignment shouldn’t stress you out. Just walk into any wine store and ask the guy to recommend a very good but cheap wine. This will solve most of your problem.


However, be advised that cheap-looking labels are a bad choice no matter how good they taste. They typically have animals or birds on the label – Kangaroo, cat, butterfly etc. Just keep off.


Also, don’t go for wine bottles that have screw caps. Many people out there think such bottles are a hallmark of poor quality wine.


5 A gift card


Gift cards have a price tag attached to them because they stare the receiver on their face. They carry a strong message which can’t be ignored at best. Again, you’ll be lucky to find a variety of gift cards to buy during holiday season.


Now you can experiment with one of these items or a combination to see how it goes. You don’t always have to break the bank to wow someone. These are budget gifts that are cool despite the price.



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Choosing a Great Gift for Christmas


Christmas time is one of the best times of the years for people to give gifts. Sometimes it is just difficult to give the right type of gift. The following information will help a person to figure this process out and make gift giving an easy thing to do during the Christmas season.gac-christmas-gifts-2015


Gift Cards: The All Purpose Gift0d9addc6998ac403f8140c12cd808d42


Gift cards are a life saver in terms of gifts. Gift cards make it easy for people to give because they do not have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out a bunch of details that a person would like. For example, if a person gave a clothing item they would have to figure out the right size, color and style. This is time consuming and very risky. No one wants to give a gift that is not appreciated or respected. Gift cards take the guess work out of the gift giving process. A person can give the card and the recipient can figure out the details about how to spend it.


Electronics are Always in Style

Computer devices. Mobile phone, laptop, printer, camera and tablet pc. 3d


Electronics make another great gift to give people. Mobile smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and televisions are among the best gifts to give people because they are always in style. People can always use the latest mobile device and having another computer or television is something that is beneficial to most people within this society. An electronic device must be up to date to be appreciated. This means the giver must not buy a mobile device or television that is over 2 years old. Remember, when it comes to electronics: the newer the model, the better the gift.


Sophisticated Toys894232462_182


Kids still love toys even in the era where video games rule. However, the latest toys are electronic or mechanical sophisticated playthings. Robotic pets are popular and so are flying drones. The hover boards also make great gifts. Children like to play with computerized mechanical robots and they even like the remote control airplanes and cars that zip around and extremely fast speeds. Good old fashion Barbie Dolls, Lego sets and board games are also appreciated. All of these items make choosing a Great Gift for Christmas a breeze.









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