How to know what makes a good gift


The question of what makes a good gift is quite subjective, although individuals could still find a middle ground for defining what a good gift is. For instance, everybody accepts that guys love gadgets , especially thing like laptops. Women love expensive but useless stuff.


Therefore, to know what kind of a gift someone would like to receive, it is imperative that you view gifts according to their purpose. Gifts can serve as a means of social exchange, economic exchange or a way of communicating a message to the receiver.


The true definition of a good gift


In the social sense, gifts are issued as a symbol of commitment. This kind of a gift would be much appreciated depending on the context in which it is issued. Women generally prefer gifts with symbolic value, unlike men who prefer gifts that have some sort of utility value.


Best gift for guys


If you are a woman, you’d be better off getting your guy an expensive gadget. A gadget would definitely touch his heart compared to any other gift. You see, men prefer to go sentimental and sometimes extravagant. Gadgets are not cheap by the way but here is a good site to find cheaper options on Tablets. Apparently, this category of gift is still considered the most preferred among the male species.┬áHere is also a list of the best laptops on a budget.


Best gift for women


According to Geoffrey Miller a Professor at the University of New Mexico, women love the most useless gifts which also happen to be the most expensive from men’s perspective. Women love pricey dinners, expensive holiday destinations, flowers, jewelry, and so on. In fact, the more wasteful a gift is, the more likely the giver and his gift will be appreciated. Waste is then viewed as the most efficient way to get into a woman’s heart.


The best gift has a message attached to it


If you want to get him or her something personal, you should think of the kind of message you want to communicate. A good gift talks on behalf of the giver. Communication is part of the package.

In the context of dating, gifts can be used to demonstrate certainty about a potential mate. You cannot simply walk into a shop and get a personal gift when you don’t know your recipient’s taste. In fact, the more you’re familiar with their tastes and preferences, the more you’re likely to pick something that will make them happy.

To cut a long story short, a person who understands his potential mate’s choice stands a better chance of being a desirable mate compared to one who doesn’t understand anything.


What if you’re not sure about the kind of gift to buy?


Some gifts might be considered inappropriate if they are used in the wrong context. Thankfully, there is a more universal way to give gifts if you’re not sure what the receiver would want to be gifted.

Money is the answer to this question. Money offers them a means to get whatever they have wanted as a gift. You could give them cash money or a voucher with a specific cash value. That way, they’ll be able to get whatever they want. At the end of the day, that gift should be accepted wholeheartedly.



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