Top 5 Gift Ideas For The Women In Your Life!


Sometimes coming up with gift ideas can be a struggle. It’s always a lot of pressure to be sure that you are getting a gift for someone that you know they will love. There’s nothing worse than seeing the disappointment in someone’s face after giving them a gift you were so excited about. But no need to fear! We are here to help you with ensuring that your gift is something that the women in your life will be sure to love! Whether it be for you mother, grandmother, girlfriend, sister or best friend she’ll sure to fall in love with any of these gifts.


Jewelry is always a very special gift to get anyone in your life. A special necklace, bracelet or even a ring is something she’s sure to fall in love with. A simple necklace with a heart or a meaningful symbol is sure to be a winner that she’ll wear daily and think of you every time she puts it on! I personally love the meaning behind these semi colon necklaces.designmainpage

Another safe bet for gifts would be any type of perfumes. Sure you may not know her favorite fragrance of choice, but that’s always a super secret question you could ask. Maybe if you’re out shopping and she mentions preferring floral scents to fruity ones, there’s your ticket! Of course it still might be a challenge to pinpoint the perfect scent for her, but it’s all in the thought that counts!


If she’s a bookworm, get her a book that you think she would love. Being a bookworm myself, I always feel like this is such a simple but really thoughtful gift idea. If she’s mentioned one of her favorite books that she doesn’t happen to already own, get that for her! Or if you know of a favorite author that she has, get her the newest book from that author!bookworm-on-books


Last but certainly not least, get her something really meaningful! Moms especially are sure to love this option. Make her a scrapbook, give her a framed photo or collage, and even just write her a letter! Francescas is a store that actually has a lot of great options for this. They sell books that you can write memories in for whoever you’re giving the gift too! They also have cute trinkets with quotes on them that will also mean a lot to whoever you are gifting them too.


I hope this has helped you in deciding what to get for the special women in your life. Anything that you will get she’s sure to love. Surprisingly, we don’t always want chocolate. (Although sometimes that’s a good option as well!) Happy gift shopping!

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