Budget Gifts That are Cool Despite the Price


People look for budget gifts that are cool despite the price because they want to save while splurging gifts on their loved ones. Under no circumstance should you over-extend yourself financially, especially when gifting your parents, siblings, spouse, or friend during a holiday.


The trick is very simple; you should look for gifts that seem to have a high perceived value yet modestly priced. That way, you will keep people happy while saving your wallet from the disaster of an extravagant holiday.


Let’s sample a few gift ideas which aren’t expensive but classy


1 Anything that sparkles is good yet cheap26dia1


Diamond is girls’ best friend when it comes to gifts. Buying jewelry that is entrusted with sparkles of diamond and other minerals will work fine. Also, these minerals don’t have to be natural since man-made gemstones do the trick really well.


2 Designer items at half the pricea6ff1b465bac8cfb7ccd3076db74ff52


Buying clothes as a gift is a tricky affair. However, this does not mean that the person receiving the gift won’t be mesmerized when they open the box and find a designer brand cardigan.


If you choose to take this route, avoid high fashion stores during seasons like Christmas. Instead, go to name-brand stores that dispose items when the season’s temperature has cooled down a little bit. Chances are that you will save up to 70% off the price.


You could also target outlet-only goods which look just fine even though they are lesser quality. In most cases, a giftee will never know your dirty shopping secrets.


3 Shop for rich scents at less the pricewoman-shopping-christmas-perfumes-final_article_new


Expensive fragrances smell money. They may prove to go beyond your reach, financially. And in this case, you’d need to routinely keep an eye on e-commerce stores that give huge discounts on these products.
Also, big retailers occasionally sell discounted products, so inquire with them to find out more. You’ll have to decide whether you want Armani, Fendi, Prada, CK, you name


4 Obtain a bottle of winewine-bottle-sizes-4


Most people enjoy good wine. However, that does not mean that everyone is a true oenophile of this liquor. In other words, not everyone can taste and distinguish between an $8 bottle of wine and that which is worth $200.


And this is a golden chance to play on your giftee’s ignorance in order to save cash and still look cool. The assignment shouldn’t stress you out. Just walk into any wine store and ask the guy to recommend a very good but cheap wine. This will solve most of your problem.


However, be advised that cheap-looking labels are a bad choice no matter how good they taste. They typically have animals or birds on the label – Kangaroo, cat, butterfly etc. Just keep off.


Also, don’t go for wine bottles that have screw caps. Many people out there think such bottles are a hallmark of poor quality wine.


5 A gift card


Gift cards have a price tag attached to them because they stare the receiver on their face. They carry a strong message which can’t be ignored at best. Again, you’ll be lucky to find a variety of gift cards to buy during holiday season.


Now you can experiment with one of these items or a combination to see how it goes. You don’t always have to break the bank to wow someone. These are budget gifts that are cool despite the price.



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