Great Gift Ideas for Kids 2016


Buying presents for kids is one of the great joys in life. Not only do we get to find just the right toy for that little one we get an excuse to play with them as we look!
Here are some great ideas for gifts in 2016:


Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Dollqj-272_1z_1_large

• Barbie’s tail lights up with shimmering light when you dip her into water
• If you want to see her light up without water, just press the button in her necklace
• She comes complete with pink hair, a fancy tiara, and a removable pearl belt
• Suggested for ages 3 and up

Paw Patrol, Lights, and Sounds Air Patroller Plane

• Paw Patrol rescues can be made with the 2 in 1 helicopter/plane mode
• This toy has lights and sounds just activate on the vehicle handle
• Robopup figure included
• For ages 3-6

Leap Frog TVleapfrog-leaptv-educational-active-video-gaming-system_18490

• Designed to use with television
• Microsoft platform supports educational games
• Has a motion sensing camera

Wowee MIP38880i0F50A9199AD3A435

• This robot has emotions and encourages child to play
• Sings and dances
• Very expressive

Let’s Imagine Elmo

• Will interact with your child in 3 different modes
• Encourages child’s imagination
• Teaches songs, counting skills and sound recognition

Hop n Glow

• Balls inside the light hopper up
• Children learn balance
• Comes with a manual pump


Woo-Hue Parachute

• This colorful chute is 8 feet long with 12 handles
• 6-12 children can play at a time
• 15 balls for activities are included

Hurricane Water Balls

• Kids can fill with water and seal to throw
• Can be re-used up to 1000 turns
• For ages 5+


• Change your sneakers into rollerblades
• Removable pads provide hours of sparks
• Fits size Y12 to adult size 12
Minions Electronic Pogo Stick
• Lets children bounce while making sounds
• Safety handle provides secure play
• Ages 6+


Paddle Bubble

• Kids can blow huge bubbles and try to protect them from popping
• Great to challenge individually or play in groups
• Ages 5+

Spider Disc Games

• A Velcro pole is a target for discs
• Points gained on color system
• Very portable to carry everywhere
Yoga Spinner Board Game
• Teamwork and physical activity as children learn basic yoga
• Player spins and tries to hold pose for up to 10 seconds
• Ages 5+


Tangle Nightball Basketballnightball-basketball

• LED is activated by motion
• Allows children to play basketball in the dark
• Unique texture allows child to grip and dribble



• Brainteaser puzzle
• Try to keep metal ball on tray
• Mentally challenging; builds problem-solving


Fairy Triad Dome Terrarium

• Combines fairy tales with flowers
• Four different kinds of flowers
• Comes with “fairy dust,” “fairy bells,” and a “fairy wheel.”

Rainbow Building Blocks

• Sturdy wooden blocks complete with prisms
• Contains many different shapes
• Children will learn matching and patterns

Magnetic Putty

• Infused with ionic material
• Will stretch and bend to reach a magnet
• Magnet included

Animation Kit

• Made up of production and construction materials
• Build posable characters
• Use stop motion camera and software to create movies






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